Silvia Knüppel | Bagpacker

Bagpacker is a collection of simple bags filled with natural recycled cork granulate, usually considered to be a waste material. The product can be arranged and combined in many different ways depending on how it needs to be used and the space; piled up to provide privacy or used on the floor for sitting or for sleeping.

Designer Silvia Knüppel says “The Bagpacker questions our western static, traditional, upholstered furniture culture. We still live at home with giant static sofa arrangements, this limits not only in terms of mobility, but also the way of sitting together and the way we communicate with each other.

Her concept showcases the varied colours and textures of Divina, using them as both a decorative and structural element. The Divina Melange fabric in particular increases the three dimensional appearance of the Bagpacker.

Silvia Knüppel lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. She studied product design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, and at the Design Academy Eindhoven. She has her own design studio from where she works on product design, conceptual research, and offers multidisciplinary design services. Her work is characterised by a focus on experimentation, contextual and conceptual thinking, and her creations explore the boundaries of art and design. Knüppel’s work often reveals a tendency towards defamiliarisation; she questions the classic functions ascribed to objects and reinterprets them in unusual ways.