Art installations


Our art installations

Art and design have been embedded in our corporate culture since the company opened for business in 1968. Our art collaborations have always been moved by a passion for contemporary art and the belief in its power to inspire us and challenge our view of the world. 

In recent years, we have become more and more interested in the practice of commissioning by inviting artists to our headquarters to produce a piece of work in response to the surroundings. By doing this, we ‘bring home’ the experience of supporting art projects in institutions around the world, landing it gently back where it all started and making it into a daily source of inspiration for our employees, our customers and the local public alike.


Your Glacial Expectations

In 2012, weinvited landscape architect Günther Vogt and artist Olafur Eliasson to reinterpret the grounds surrounding the headquarters. This addition is a permanent outdoor installation, Your Glacial Expectations, encompassing five unique elliptical mirrors designed by Olafur Eliasson.



House by Roman Signer

This commissioned site-specific work consists of a stylised house made of steel. The structure has a peculiar inverted roof that forms a basin collecting rainwater. The basin is led out by a pipe, creating a temporary fountain. Subverting the idea of the house as a place of shelter, House fulfills its own mysterious purpose in the landscape.


The Triple Folly

The latest addition is a Gesamtkunstwerk building co-created by celebrated artist Thomas Demand and Caruso St John Architects: The Triple Folly. The Triple Folly is a space for art, pleasure, and hospitality, with its form inspired by the combination of three ‘found’ objects chosen by the artist.


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