Relate is a flame retardant Trevira CS upholstery textile designed by Patricia Urquiola. It is an excellent choice for environments where fire regulations are strict.

Due to the twill weave construction, Relate is very durable for high-traffic environments, it is available in 35 colours.

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Haku is a silicone-coated textile designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara with a timeless expression. It is produced without the use of PVC, formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals.

​Haku is highly durable, wipeable and waterproof, and therefore well suited for high-traffic spaces such as hospitality or healthcare environments. It also has an intricate grain, as well as a soft, luxurious hand.

Haku comes in 28 shades.

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Revive 1

Revive 1 is designed by Georgina Wright.

Made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET), it is created with a focus on reducing environmental impact in production and resources.

The PET used for Revive 1 comes from used plastic bottles. 30 plastic bottles are used to make 1 metre of Revive.

​Revive 1 comes in 25 colours.

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