ReThink is a series of works by different designers, artists, and architects exploring the potential of our textiles as a medium for expression. The starting point has been a reflection on sustainability, which underpins everything we do at Kvadrat, starting with creating products that are made to last, and having circularity as the ultimate goal. 


Designers, artists, and architects play a crucial role in fostering a sustainability mindset. Product or building design defines 80% of a product or building's footprint, with 36% of it occurring during production. By prioritizing longevity, striving for full recyclability and circularity, and embracing sustainable materials, the design industry can drive systemic change towards a more sustainable future.


With this foundation in mind, we decided to involve young and emerging practitioners in the Rethink project, allowing them the freedom to utilize one or more of our recycled, regenerative, or circular products. They had the opportunity to use these materials, either alone or in combination with others, to express their take on sustainability. From Iceland to Venezuela, Beijing to Brooklyn, the 12 participants responded with passion and ingenuity, drawing on diverse cultural and cross-disciplinary backgrounds. 


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