Trapped in heaven is available in four colourways. One of these is part of the permanent collection, while the other colours are part of a limited edition release. Inspired by the “echo of colour, like a memory” Danh Vo encountered in the shadow of a walnut tree, the three limited edition colours mimic the poetic softness of the flowers and wood, as well as the freshness of spring leaves.


An intricate double-woven construction infuses Trapped in heaven is infused with rich tactility and subtle transparency.
The letters on the curtain are jacquard woven as pockets on a single-layered background.
As a consequence, when gracefully draped in the light, a delicate moiré effect emerges within the calligraphy, allowing the unicoloured textile to echo the colours of its surroundings.


Trapped in heaven is also characterized by a truly remarkable composition. It is woven with a high volume of recycled pre-consumer polyester, effectively transforming industrial waste into a multi-dimensional, fire-retardant curtain that can be hung both vertically and horizontally.


Ultimately, much like Théophane Vénard's evocative letter, Trapped in heaven brings a contemplative and serene atmosphere to any space. Those who encounter it are drawn to its beautiful sculptural presence — a mesmerizing fusion of light and form, a narrative that weaves together art, spirituality, and the enduring power of human connection. 


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