Our latest collaboration with acclaimed artist Danh Vo unveils Trapped in heaven.
A sculptural calligraphic curtain that is intimately intertwined with one of the artist's most profound artworks, a heartfelt collaboration with his father, Phung Vo. 


Phung Vo hand-copied a loving farewell letter dating back to 1861.
This melancholic yet serene letter was originally written by the missionary and French Saint Théophane Vénard, while he awaited execution for heresy in a Vietnamese prison. 

During his visit to Théophane Vénard's birthplace, a country house in rural France, Danh Vo stumbled upon a quote on the walls:




This striking quote adorns Trapped in heaven in bold, graceful calligraphy.
The sentence captures the essence of sacrifice surrounding the martyrdom of Saint Théophane. It is an urge to yield all earthly bonds, matters of the flesh, virtues, and vices, in order to answer the divine call and start the sacred journey.

At the same time, it evokes memories of the mesmerizing letter from the missionary and the resulting inspiration it ignited. Danh Vo, driven by aesthetics, engaged in his father's work. His father, in his quest for spiritual fulfilment, turned this work into a form of prayer.


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