Best-in-class hygiene performance

Parkland is used throughout New Karolinska Solna; a state-of-the-art hospital in Solna, Sweden. Specified to contribute to the “patient first” interior concept, recent tests have shown it to be the best upholstery textile in terms of disinfection performance. 

The team at New Karolinska Solna tested several textiles. As part of this investigative process, Parkland was 'infected' with bacteria and then disinfected and measured for cleanliness.

Primarily used in the hospital’s administrative areas, Parkland is regularly disinfected. It is possible to do this with various agents, such as ethanol 70-85% and chlorine-based agents 1000-12000 ppm.

The functional and aesthetic performance of Parkland means it is a compelling choice for architects looking for disinfectable textiles, in today's post-COVID-19 world.

Read our guidelines on caring for Kvadrat textiles in relation to COVID-19 here.