Kelim Patterns

Kelim Patterns adds a fresh, contemporary perspective to the sensuous world of Kinnasand Kelim rugs. It comprises four designs, each available in three colourways, characterised by dynamic dialogues between pattern, colour and weaving structure.

Meticulously crafted by hand from pure New Zealand Wool, the Kelim Patterns rugs are handwoven using a nomadic flatweave technique. They reenvisage artisanal Kelim patterns in a new light, playing with scale, contrast and motion.

The diffusion of the crisp shapes traditionally associated with Kelims is a defining trait. The effect is eye-catching, as motifs and borders dissolve into the ground. Both the size and colours of the rugs can be customised, according to the 40 shades in the Kinnasand Kelim palette.

Kelim Pattern Cape upscales a classic Ikat, greatly magnifying it to generate a strong sense of movement. Balanced between organic and graphic, the rug unites fine stripes with nuanced colour transitions to vibrant effect.

Kelim Pattern Resort brings a minimalistic, refined eye to organic motifs. The intriguing pattern rhythmically plays across the surface of the rug, delivering a poetic expression with an almost ‘all over’ quality. The rug is completed by colour bindings that accentuate its borders.

Kelim Pattern Shimi
 fuses stripes with irregular, organic forms that subtly contrast with the ground. This instils the rug with pronounced three-dimensionality.

Kelim Pattern Twin Set offers a new take on the classic border theme. It features softly woven lines, which organically dissolve into the ground. These make it appear as though colour is gently moving into the top and bottom of the rug.