Slope by Hella Jongerius

Slope is a high quality Tibetan wool rug characterised by a dynamic colour bleed at the sides. In an earthy palette ranging from brown and golden to autumnal red, dove gray, and green, the design is created using a process described by Hella Jongerius as a ‘tye-dye woven construction’.

This complex ikat-technique involves dyeing tightly wrapped bundles of yarn by hand so that the pattern is created in the yarn itself. Dyed yarns are then meticulously aligned on a loom by a master weaver in order to render Slope’s precisely blended quality.

The irregularities created by this handcrafted approach are perfectly balanced in the design by a clear graphic stripe across the ecru base. Finished with a single festoon edge on the top and bottom of the rug and a double festoon on both sides, Slope is a contemporary take on a traditional flatwoven kelim. It is ideal for both the home and light traffic contract spaces.