Still by Georgina Wright

Still is a natural-looking, exceptionally soft Chenille upholstery textile designed by Georgina Wright. Dynamic yet understated, it is inspired by the Still-life paintings of British artist Ivon Hitchens.

Constructed from Chenille yarn, Still has a striated expression that runs in the direction of the weft. It also features a subtle matt sheen and the dry-hand feel typically associated with cotton, despite being crafted from man-made fibres.

The palette for Still unites elegant dusty tones, refined neutrals and highlight notes, such as vermillion and peachy orange. Georgina Wright created these hues after studying the paintings of Ivon Hitchens.

Georgina Wright: “Ivon Hitchens’ panoramic paintings are directly derived from landscape views. When applied to a textile, his colour universe adds a new layer to the totality of the design.

Still is durable and flame-retardant. As a result, it is well-suited to both public and private spaces.