Mindful making

As our sustainability commitments show, we aim to strike an optimal balance between environmental concerns, strict quality standards and social responsibility. For this reason, we prioritise sustainable products, evaluate the environmental impact of the textiles and ensure all our suppliers follow our stringent Code of Conduct.
Patio, an outdoor upholstery textile, offers a groundbreaking environmentally-focused profile and excellent functional properties. The product of three years’ intensive development, it is crafted using a specially-developed Trevira CS yarn with enhanced UV stability, and a water-repellent coating based on fat-modified compounds.

Due to this innovative construction, Patio provides a sustainable alternative to conventional outdoor textiles that are often treated with fluorocarbonbased (PFC) finishes. Generally, we do not use these finishes in our standard collection, as PFC is known to be persistent and bio-accumulative, causing long-term environmental damage as they do not break down into safer chemical bonds in the nature.

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