Magniberg´s philosophy is that personal spaces should reflect the personalities that live in them, as interior design is an extension of personal style. Unlike most bedding brands, Magniberg bedwear textiles are not sold in sets. Instead, sheets, pillow cover and duvet covers are offered separately, giving the option to mix and match colours, textures and materials to create a unique set of bedwear, encouraging experimentation.  

Driven by emotional aesthetics, combining materials, textures, and colours, Magniberg bedwear collections dress the interior of the home. Opt for quirky combinations - pair our Fresh Green duvet with one pillow cover in Italian Blue and a second in Blossom Pink. For something more subdued, choose neutral pieces with subtle variations like the Pearl duvet cover with Clay pillow cases.

Each Magniberg piece is timeless, both in construction and in flair. The colours endure beyond fads and seasons, and recombining them lets your bedwear tell endless stories. From classic neutrals and energizing hues, to striking patterns, Magniberg provides endless possibilities to create uniqueness in every bedroom.

Magniberg seeks to reimagine bedwear, presenting home textiles in a new context. Magniberg bedwear is made of durable materials that can be combined together. All products are offered in high-quality textiles, such as Supima cotton, lightweight flax linen, and organic cotton jersey. The collection of bedding from Magniberg consists of various styles each with specific and unique characteristics.


Mother Linen and Mother Poplin

Available in 5 colourways, the Mother bedwear is naturally breathable, soft, and with a distinguished texture. The classic duvet and pillow covers come in luxurious Supima cotton poplin and European flax reworked in an airy linen construction, and are fastened with Italian handmade mother of pearl buttons. 

Nude Jersey and Nude Metallic

Nothing is more comfortable to sleep in than a worn-in t-shirt. This collection matches that comfort with an organic cotton jersey and a stretch jersey construction. These two products give a distinctive soul to the interior. The Nude Jersey has a more casual look, while the Nude Metallic is an homage to pop art.


Wall Street Oxford and Wall Steet Poplin

The Wall Street collection is inspired by the `80s favoured shirts bankers on the trading floors used to wear. Bedwear in this collection is made of 100% Supima cotton, it brings a distinctive sensuality to the bedroom. The Wall Street collection is available in Oxford, Poplin, and Poplin jacquard. 

Rose Lace

Inspired by lace lingerie and crafted with an Italian viscose, this bedwear features a delicate rose pattern throughout, enhancing romance and elegance in any room with its 3 colourways: Pink, Apricot, and Black. 


Pure Poplin and Pure Sateen

Designed with as few visible stitches as possible, the Pure Poplin and the Pure Sateen collections enhance a distinctive personality in the bedroom. Each fabric is available 9 colourways. The Pure Poplin collection features a mercerized Supima poplin, woven for a balance of crispness and softness. The Pure Sateen collection features a mercerized Supima sateen, woven for a distinguished sheen and for a luxurious feel.

Founders Bengt Thornefors and Nina Norgren established Magniberg in 2016 to find a new expression in bedwear. Magniberg collections are defined by Bengt and Nina's fashion-orientated approach. 

The brand plays with cultural references, imagination, and emotional aesthetics. Magniberg is all about craftsmanship and they insist on only sourcing the highest quality fabrics.

Since 2019 Magniberg is part of the Kvadrat family.