Daily Flower Report by Thomas Demand

During the winter of 2017 in Los Angeles everything was in bloom. A violet bougainvillea vine snaked its way up a cracked stucco wall in Culver City. A clutch of peacocky pink roses poked through the slats of a white picket fence of a bungalow near Venice Beach. None of it went unnoticed, Thomas Demand snapped a quick picture of a different flower each day with his iPhone, dispatched it and kept on walking.

For a year, each image was posted on Kvadrat Interwoven for a day to be replaced by a new bloom. These images have been collected into the Daily Flower Report Calendar which, like the original project, will see a new bloom on each day.

Created in close collaboration with renowned Dutch designer Irma Boom, the calendar features 730 pages, each with a perforated calendar that can be torn off to give the bloom life beyond the day. Holes are punched into the pages to show a glimpse of what the next day holds. Thomas Demand explains, ‘this is not an artwork, it is just a calendar by an artist’.

The Daily Flower Report made Thomas Demand one of the first contributors to Kvadrat Interwoven, a platform for stories about contemporary culture from an independent, in-depth and critical point of view. Kvadrat Interwoven is supported by Danish textile producer Kvadrat.