Flying and Painting by Roman Signer

Ebeltoft, 2016

Signer’s performative actions and arrangements repurpose everyday objects in unexpected ways, often as a humourous, quasi-scientific experiments. For this work, Signer modified a number of four-propeller drones attaching a barber brush on their top. From the inside of a cargo container, the artist carried out a ‘painting action’: the ceiling of the container, which had been specially adapted, has been painted with blue paint by the brush attached to the flying drone, remotely controlled by the artist.

Once the action was completed, Signer winged the one of the drones away to be lost in the open sky. Another drone remains inside the container as a testimony of the action and to expose to the public the tool used to carry it out.

Flying and Painting was realised in the summer of 2016 at Kvadrat’s HQ in Ebeltoft