House by Roman Signer

Ebeltoft, 2016

House, a new site-specific sculpture by Swiss artist Roman Signer on the grounds of Kvadrat headquarters in Ebeltoft, Denmark. The permanent work, commissioned by Kvadrat, consists of a stylised house made of steel, with an inverted roof that creates a basin collecting rainwater inside the construction.

As the artist explains: ‘When I saw this land I imagined a small red house standing there. From afar, the house looks like a ruin, with a collapsed roof and only the external walls left. But as one comes closer and looks through the window, one can see that there is a roof, only it is inverted on the inside. It must be beautiful to look at it when it rains heavily, following how the rainwater collects and flows out of it. But you got to have an umbrella. The house doesn’t give you any shelter!