What Eats Around Itself by Daiga Grantina

New York, 2020

In a third commission of Kvadrat’s partnership with New Museum, Daiga Grantina’s 'What Eats Around Itself’ is a new sculptural installation that interweaves cast silicone with paint and fabrics. Made of Kvadrat textile Divina 3, designed by the graphic designer and artist, Finn Sködt, pieces of Really Acoustic Felt and a custom-made textile, the installation will be on view from 21 January – 17 May 2020..

The exhibition’s title references the dynamic growth of lichen, a composite organism that results from the symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae. In developing her material processes, Grantina draws inspiration from lichen’s many adaptive qualities like coexistence and self-replication. She also references the lyricism of poet Rainer Maria Rilke, particularly his abstract comparisons of rose petals to eyelids; Rilke imagines the opening of a rose as a swirl of self-generating eyes, one bringing the next to life.

Njusja de Gier, Senior Vice President Marketing Kvadrat comments: 'Our ongoing partnership with New Museum has enabled Kvadrat to have inspirational dialogue with artists, talents that push the boundaries and allow us to see new potential in our textiles and processes.’

Opening hours

Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am – 6pm
Thursday, 11am – 9pm
Friday – Sunday, 11am – 6pm
Monday closed

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