Re-wool 2


Re-wool 2 is an upholstery textile designed by Margrethe Odgaard woven with 45% recycled wool.
It comes in 14 new hues, adding to the original Re-wool colour palette, which now offers a total of 25 colourways. 


The recycled woollen yarn used in the warp is spun from post-industrial fibre scraps collected from Kvadrat’s own production of woollen textiles at Wooltex weaving mill. Closing this loop within our own production ensures that the recycled wool is of the same high quality in every batch and reduces our wool fibre waste to almost zero. Additionally, like all the textiles in our product range, Re-wool 2 is free from PFAS.

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The original colours for the Re-wool palette were all picked from Margrethe Odgaard’s ‘Shades of Light’ collection of hand-painted samples, comprised of blended notes inspired by the transitions from light to darkness unique to Scandinavia.


When updating the colourways, Margrethe Odgaard observed that the melange warp could carry more saturated colours than initially thought, and so supplemented the existing weft palette with brighter blues, rusty reds, and vibrant greens, as well as deeper shades of blue and brown that bring out the tones of the recycled wool. As a result of this contrast, the textile’s surface is reminiscent of embroidery-like craftwork and appears almost three-dimensional.

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