Simone Post

Dutch textile and product designer Simone Post graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2015. Now working from her own design studio in Rotterdam, her work is characterised by material experiments, thorough research and a passion for colour, print and craft.

As co-founder of Envisions, a collective of various designers with a shared fascination for experimental research, Simone frequently engages various industries to explore new, innovative possibilities—from rethinking ways of working to transforming leftover waste into finished products.

With an emphasis on sustainability, provenance, and cultural heritage, Simone’s work often explores clothing as well as traditional skills and technologies. Her penchant for the research process, the potential of materials and techniques, unexpected outcomes, and the beauty of semi-finished products, makes for an infinitely intriguing design practice.

Working with global brands including Adidas, Vlisco, Eco-oh, and Finsa, Post’s work has received international acclaim along with numerous awards and nominations. Her works have been acquired by several museums including The Utrecht Centraal Museum, Vitra Design Museum, and Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg.