Philippe Nigro | Lasagne

Philippe Nigro’s Lasagne is a bed whose base is a steel sheet hidden by swathes of Divina. Nigro divides his time between France and Italy, and the name of the piece reflects that, as well as the way the fabric is layered to create the bed.

Nigro’s aim has been to make the fabric the hero of the piece. “The Divina material is such a classic that it often becomes the protagonist of any piece of furniture which uses it. This was the idea behind this project,” he says.

The material is piled up in multiple layers, 54 in total, stacked one on top of the other, forming the shape of a mattress. To create extra thickness and comfort for head support, each of the 54 pieces of material were folded back on themselves. The result appears to float above the ground; an occasional bed, with a mix of colours all along the edge of the mattress, formed by a giant wad of Divina.

After studying Decorative Arts and Product Design at L’École Boulle in Paris, Philippe Nigro started working as a freelance designer in 1999. He began his career working alongside Michele De Lucchi, working on projects in furniture and lighting design, interiors, and events design.

He currently divides his time between Italy and France, where he continues to work in furniture and lighting design. He has most recently created pieces for manufacturers such as Hermés, Baccarat, DePadova and Foscarini, and his work his part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou, and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.