Fulton Market Design Days 2023

Join us to celebrate the opening of our new Chicago showroom during Fulton Market Design Days. On the occasion of the opening, we are excited to introduce our latest textiles: Naveli by Doshi Levien, Suunta by Studio Truly Truly, and Broken Twill Sheer by Jonathan Olivares.

Inspired by the concept of  ‘soft modernism’, Naveli is a pure woolen upholstery textile designed by Doshi Levien. Moreover, visitors of the showroom will have the opportunity to explore Totems by Doshi Levien,  an immersive installation designed for our newly opened showroom.

Additionally, Suunta by Studio Truly Truly and Broken Twill Sheer by Jonathan Olivares will be on display. Suunta is a knitted upholstery textile inspired by the rows of blooms in Dutch flower fields.


Kvadrat Showroom
1042 W Fulton Street
Chicago, IL 60607

12 - 14 June 2023
Monday – Wednesday 9am – 5pm

Naveli by Doshi Levien

Featuring a precise micro-check construction, Naveli is woven with both thick and thin yarns in different colours, which creates playful, delicate deviations in texture and depth.

Suunta by Studio Truly Truly

Designed by Studio Truly Truly, Suunta plays with scale and perception. The ribbed construction of Suunta – Finnish for ‘direction’– unites single lines of wool and recycled polyester of different hues in a knitted jacquard stitch.

Broken Twill Sheer by Jonathan Olivares 

Broken Twill Sheer is a curtain textile designed by Jonathan Olivares. It is a contemporary interpretation of a classic twill weave, which delicately captures a sense of light and movement.