Bless | No35 Automatica Carcanapé

Curated by Hans Maier-Aichen

Bless are a fashion and design studio established in 1997 by Ines Kaag, based in Berlin, and Desiree Heiss in Paris. Highly artistic and conceptual, their products rarely fit into any pre-established discipline or niche; with Kaag and Heiss defying such categorisation in favour of the fluidity and complete creative control.

For this project Bless chose to use Hallingdal 65 to create a car canopy, offering their services to create made-to-order bespoke covers for supercars in a play on the car as a status symbol. Fitting snugly around every contour of the car thanks to some deft pattern cutting, the Nº35 Automatica Carcanapé can also be used as an interior element or piece of furniture, padded with foam and parked in the living area.