François Mangeol | Nanna

Curated by Constance Rubini

French designer François Mangeol designed a new upholstered bench by way of a tribute to Nanna Ditzel, the designer of Hallingdal textile.

Called Nanna, the bench exploits the material’s properties and extensive colour range, and could be constructed in any combination of colours, as well as at varying lengths and sizes. A thick, comfortable padded seat is made simply using a dovetailing process in which all the pieces of fabric are folded and stacked one to one.

French designer François Mangeol has a style, which can be described as ‘conceptual’. Naturally curious, he pursues the ideal of ‘creativity without limits’, whilst keeping a ‘closed link’ with the materials he is working with.

His diverse output reflects that he find his inspiration in many different areas of life, such as mathematics, poetry and drawings. His portfolio includes art installations, interior design, product design and graphic design.