Kanon Pattern Plow and curtain Twinx in harmony. Styling by Marie Monrad Graunbøl

Kinnasand curtain Dive used as a soft backdrop. Styling by Marie Monrad Graunbøl

The tactile Moss rug complementing a delicate, pastel-coloured interior. Styling by Sania Pell

Creating a poetic, rhythmic mood with Kelim Pattern Resort

An interpretation of the classic Ikat: Kelim Pattern Cape

Kinnasand at the Kvadrat at home space in London

Styling by Nina Bruun: Zenit Coloured Fringes

A detailed view: Harvest Cross Coloured Fringes

Kinnasand LAB: Structures by Studio Greiling

Kinnasand LAB: Shields by Studio Wieki Somers

A textile transformation by Elisa Ossino Studio

In progress: Experimenting with different colour combinations for our Melt rug

Interior styled by Susanna Vento: Kinnasand curtain Jiro and rug Icon

In progress: Our Melt rug during development of the CONSTRUCTURE collection

Into the blue: the Kinnasand design team experimenting with colour

A beautiful mess: yarns at our manufacturer's facilities in India

Custom made Kinnasand kelims at the NOMAD Hotel in Basel, interiors designed by GREGO

Kinnasand Shibo curtain and Melano as a throw