Orillon – Camille Blatrix and Joschua Brunn (Carmine Brown) (France)

Designers Camille Blatrix and Joschua Brunn came up with their idea for Orillon in a Parisian bar, a venue where the countertop dice game 421 was once a popular pastime. When approached by Kvadrat to create an object using its Febrik knitted textiles, Blatrix and Brunn’s experience of 421 led them to the idea of designing a dice tray. The padded nature of knitted textiles mean they work well as a shock absorber, allowing players to roll and throw their dice without too much bounce. Orillon consists of a cherrywood CNC machined frame, which is upholstered with Kvadrat Febrik Sprinkles – the playful pattern of which inspired Blatrix and Brunn to thoughts of sports and games.