Soft Cells Tracks panel system

Acoustic wall panel system

Soft Cells Tracks provide an aesthetically pleasing acoustic solution to wall finishes and flexibility with on-site fabricated installation. They fit seamlessly to any design concept due to the versatility of the panels and the wide selection of Kvadrat textiles they are available in. These offer a choice of over 200 colours, where most have been pre-tested for acoustic performance.

Product features

- Suitable for wall use
- Flexible and easily adjustable during installation
- Excellent noise reduction
- Resists microbial growth
- Structurally rigid

On-site assembly and installation

Soft Cells Tracks are built and installed on-site, ensuring they always fit perfectly. This approach provides great flexibility. If required, adjustments can easily be made before installation to suit updated measurements or needs. Soft Cells Tracks are installed by our team of trained professionals, who can advise on the mounting and necessary substrate for our solutions.

The system is available in three depths

- 13 mm (0.51 in)
- 25 mm (0.98 in)
- 55 mm (2.16 in)

Projects featuring Soft Cells Tracks


At the refurbished UK headquarters of CBRE, a Kvadrat Acoustics solution contributes towards realising a blueprint for future office design. The solution features Soft Cells Tracks on walls. 


The London office of Take-Two, a leading gaming company, integrates a Kvadrat Acoustics solution in open-plan spaces, wellness rooms and game testing areas. Soft Cells Tracks are installed on fixed and movable walls. 


The London headquarters for legal firm Freshfields incorporates a Kvadrat Acoustic solution to enhance acoustic quality and promote a healthy environment. Soft Cells Tracks are integrated into the walls of circulation areas, collaboration areas, alternative work settings and the auditorium.

Getty HQ

The new headquarters of Getty Images, designed for the post-pandemic era of flexible working, incorporates a Kvadrat Acoustics solution throughout. It creates a series of acoustic zones calibrated to meet the specific needs of different departments and working styles.

House of Wisdom 

Designed by Foster + Partners, the House of Wisdom conceptualises the library as a social hub for learning, supported by innovation and technology.

A fintech company

A leading global fintech company has integrated a Kvadrat Acoustic solution onto the walls and ceilings of a work floor expansion. The space is conceptualised as a ‘garden in a frame’ where you encounter soothing greenery throughout an architectural grid.

Learn more and realise your vision

Our solution includes personalised support from initial consultation to installation. This combines local insights, architectural expertise and other advantages and efficiencies of Kvadrat’s global network.