Soft Cells Elements

Modular acoustic wall panels

Soft Cells Elements by Kvadrat Acoustics is a simple, modular wall system of acoustic panels that help improve sound quality in offices, meeting rooms and any other interior spaces. Built with the proven Soft Cells Broadline technology, the patented panels can be configured to provide Class-A sound absorption and contribute to increased well-being, motivation and productivity.

Due to the front textile layer, Soft Cells Elements also enhance the aesthetics of a room. Available in 15 panel sizes and a vast selection of textiles and colours, Soft Cells Elements make it easy to specify a solution that meets the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the space.

An acoustics-made-easy solution that suits:  

  • Interior architects looking for a simple predefined solution
  • Spaces with limited free wall surface for acoustic regulation
  • Lowering overall reverberation due to broadband absorption 

Depth of installation with brackets
55 mm

Sound conditioning
125 – 5000 Hz

An acoustic-made-easy solution

Suitable for spaces with limited surfaces for acoustic regulation, and for architects and designers looking for a simple solution. Soft Cells Elements come in 15 different panel sizes and a vast selection of textiles and colours

Textile & colours

Our selection of textiles and colours makes it easy to meet the acoustic and aesthetic needs of a space.

Please confirm local fire regulations before installing Soft Cells Elements. 

Test & certificates

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions are objects to extensive testing. This includes test results covering acoustics, fire safety, CE marking, transparency and general textile information.