Weave Radiant Textile Panels

Elevating human wellbeing through thermal-, acoustic- and aesthetic excellence 

Weave Radiant Textile Panels are patented textile panels that provide sensible heating and cooling for superior thermal, aesthetic and acoustic comfort. They achieve this by incorporating water pipes, which heat and/or cool a radiant surface located behind a layer of tensioned textile.

These panels incorporate acoustic absorbent behind an aluminised textile layer. Typically, this product offers Class B broadband sound absorption, as per ISO 11654.

Key benefits 

Comfortable thermal environment: Weave Radiant Textile Panels heat or cool surfaces and occupants directly, instead of changing air temperature to achieve the required heating or cooling, resulting in improved occupant comfort along with reducing the risk of draughts due to lower air volumes.

Reduced duct size: smaller ducts can be used for the lower air volumes required, thereby reducing space requirements in risers and plenums. Weave Radiant Textile Panels affords increased floor space and higher floor-to-ceiling heights or the possibility of additional floors.

Reduced noise: Weave Radiant Textile Panels are whisper quiet as zone level fans are not required.

Maintenance: Weave Radiant Textile Panels have no moving parts, requiring little to no maintenance. In addition, like acoustic Soft Cells panels, Weave panels are designed with ceiling accessibility in mind, allowing for easy access to the ceiling void.

Low energy consumption: water is a more efficient medium of energy transfer than air, as temperatures used in radiant systems are generally less extreme than those used in forced-air systems.

A strategic partnership

Weave Radiant Textile Panels are a joined development between Kvadrat Acoustics and Lindner PARC, which is a part of Lindner Group.
The Lindner Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer and contractor for the building envelope, interior fit-out, and insulation.
Weave panels unite Kvadrat Acoustics' expertise in acoustics and aesthetics with Lindner's deep experience in development and implementation of custom-fit and flexible solutions.

Luxottica HQ in Milan

Luxury eyewear brand Luxottica's new HQ in Milan expresses innovation and beauty while promoting wellbeing. Following this vision, Weave Radiant Textile Panels are specified throughout the building to promote wellbeing in several forms.

Scott HQ in Switzerland

Located in Givisiez’s industrial zone in Switzerland, the Scott headquarters integrates Weave Radiant Textile Panels and Soft Cells Panels into a flexible grid system, developed by the architects for maximum flexibility.

Hyatt's office in Zurich

At Hyatt’s Zurich office, a broad assortment of Kvadrat upholsteries and curtains are specified together with Weave Radiant Textile Panels. They contribute to a homely, acoustically optimised atmosphere reminiscent of the group's hotels.

Metalized textile 


Normally, textiles are poor conductors of heat. However, Weave Radiant Textile Panels feature an engineered textile with a metalized backside. The contact between the metal radiant panel and aluminized backside of the textile thus enables effective heating and cooling. 

This offers architects and engineers an effective radiant ceiling solution that promotes wellbeing through superior thermal-, acoustic- and aesthetic properties.

Section views

Innovative textile technology allows the transmission of thermal radiation through the textile face to provide a unique aesthetic without compromising performance.

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