Graphite Studio


Soft Cells Broadline acoustic panels upholstered with Hint and Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cells Tracks upholstered with Remix, Floyd Screen and Foss in a scale of shades.

Owen Raggett

Open Source

A leading global fintech company has integrated a Kvadrat Acoustics solution onto the walls and ceilings of a work floor expansion. The space is conceptualised as a ‘garden in a frame’ where you encounter soothing greenery throughout an architectural grid.

The Kvadrat Acoustics solution is seamlessly integrated into meeting rooms, open collaboration rooms, a nursing room, a recharge and retreat room, and pantry walls. It works to balance the openness of the layout and the buzz that inevitably spills out from the various semi-enclosed zones.

The interior designers specified the Kvadrat Acoustics solution for two main reasons: the ability to elevate productivity and collaboration and the high level of precise detailing.

On the ceilings, Soft Cells Broadline acoustic panels are upholstered with Hint. Complementing these elements, Soft Cells Tracks – which are fabricated on-site – are employed on walls and wall panels. They are covered with Remix, Floyd Screen and Foss in a scale of shades.

Each collaboration zone is defined within the spatial grid at the premises with timber frames and low height dividers, which allows for clear transparency and openness throughout. The neat and almost-spartan aesthetic creates a dynamic contrast with the organic forms and of the plant life.