Ardian offices

Just Burgeff architects

Frankfurt, Germany
Ardian is an independent private equity investment company. Just Burgeff architects developed and refurbished the company’s German offices, located in Frankfurt am Main, during 2016.

The company’s floor is divided into two units – team and customer areas – separated by an access gate. For the project, the architects focused on optimising the organisation and identity of both areas.

The refurbished office features two enlarged reception areas, integrated workstations, a lounge and conference room, as well as areas for spontaneous meetings. Black, brown and dark green – the predominant colours – are complimented by dark wooden parquet flooring.

Light boxes are placed in the long corridor, which leads to the conference room. Their motifs refer to Ardian's corporate values, which are reflected in the contemporary and self-confident design concept.

To ensure optimal intelligibility of speech, a calm look and overall excellent acoustic conditions, Soft Cells Broadline panels bu Kvadrat Acoustics are installed in the conference room. They are seamlessly integrated beside a large screen.