Henning Larsen GmbH

Munich, Germany


Kvadrat Acoustic solution integrating Tracks Alu upholstered in Hallingdal 65


Fields of Vision

The Munich offices of Autodesk features a Kvadrat Acoustic solution on several walls. It's the first of its kind in Germany to integrate Alu-Tracks.

Henning Larsen architects specified the solution. They chose it as they wanted textile walls that deliver superior aesthetic and functional performance, compared to conventional alternatives from joiners.

The textile walls are mainly integrated into meeting rooms. Crafted in various sizes, they are upholstered with the textile Hallingdal 65 in a selection of colourways.

The textile walls meet the client's design and acoustic requirements. They not only to enhance speech intelligibility, collaboration and productivity; they also work to individualise spaces.

Autodesk is a multinational that makes software products and services. The company caters to many sectors: architecture, engineering and construction; product design and manufacturing; and media and entertainment.