La Manufacture du Design

Saguez & Partners

Paris, France

Kvadrat Acoustics ceiling solution with FieldPlotTimeGlossTempo
When aesthetics rime with usage
Formerly an industrial hall where trains where manufactured, La Manufacture du Design has been reinvented as a new model for a design agency. Saguez & Partners have designed the 160-meter long hall to balance the powerful nature of the industrial structure with the goal of delivering an inspiring ‘ideas box’. In doing so, they have focused on opening the interior to the exterior.

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics are installed in ceilings to optimise acoustic quality and promote a friendly ambience in the hall, informal restaurant, and meeting rooms. They are covered with FieldPlotTimeGlossTempo, in a variety of colours.

Soft Cells panels permit us to play with materials, shapes and colours - in a sustainable way which creates an environment that is gentle for the ears and pleasant on the eyes,” Saguez & Partners.

Located in northern Paris, it is described as a ‘mid-campus, mid-laboratory, mid-workshop and half-café’. Characterised by an abundance of natural light and a strong emphasis on sustainability, acoustic quality and ergonomics, the building offers great flexibility. For instance, one of the sports halls can be made into a brainstorming room, while the libraries transform into multi-purpose spaces.

The raw materials at the Manufacture de Design are primarily chosen for their environmental performance. Wood is prevalent throughout while the terraces and meeting rooms are covered with thermo-compacted Moso bamboo.