Herzog & De Meuron 

Basel, Switzerland
Soft Cells Broadline panels by Kvadrat Acoustics in assorted colours are installed on walls and ceilings to optimise acoustic quality for web-conferences and face-to-face meetings. They are in 100 meeting rooms, across all floors.
Ed Reeve

Sharing of ideas

Novartis is a global healthcare company. The organisation’s Asklepios 8 office tower was built in a collaboration between architects Herzog & De Meuron and the Novartis Business Services unit. Situated in the Novartis Campus, it overlooks the Rhine in Basel.

The construction of the office tower enabled Novartis’ Development department and Global Product Strategy & Commercialization department to be located in one building for the first time. Consequently, the interior, which is characterised by lightness and transparency, supports creative collaboration.

Reflecting this, writable walls that invite people to visualise and share ideas are used throughout, while acoustic conditions are optimised to facilitate conversations. Furthermore, the minimalistic interior can easily be adjusted to meet new departmental needs as they arise. A Kvadrat Acoustics solution, comprising acoustic panels, has been installed to optimize the acoustic environment and support sound absorption.

Outside Asklepios 8 there are works of art, which reflect a core theme: water. For instance, a bright green shell by artist Katarina Fritsch is embedded into the building’s bright, high base. Nearby, where the riverside park meets the campus is a ‘fountain’ sculpture by Olafur Eliasson, named ‘Oscillation Bench’.