Devon Turnbull and USM Modular Furniture

New York, USA


Kvadrat Acoustics solution on the walls and ceilings of an installation comprising Soft Cells Broadline panels, Tracks on walls, and a curtain featuring Ginger 2, Back Jack chairs upholstered with Vidar 4, and a seating platform covered with Foss.

Photography Lauren Coleman

Videography Bob Hoste

Sound shrine

Sound guru and designer Devon Turnbull – aka Ojas – has chosen a Kvadrat Acoustics solution for an installation named Ojas Listening Room at USM Modular Furniture. The work, commissioned by furniture brand USM, offers visitors to their Soho showroom an acoustically optimised space where they can completely immerse themselves in high-fidelity music from a hand-built sound system.

Ojas Listening Room at USM Modular Furniture - Devon Turnbull’s first semi-permanent listening room - integrates Soft Cells Broadline acoustic panels and Kvadrat Acoustics Tracks on walls. Covered with Ginger 2, they are complemented by Back Jack chairs upholstered in different tones of Vidar 4, a seating platform finished with Foss, and a curtain also crafted from Ginger 2.

To realise the project, Devon Turnbull worked closely with the Kvadrat Acoustics US team, USM, and expert acoustician Ethan Bourdeau. Together, they have created a calming environment where people can contemplate music in its purity, liberated from the disruption of outside noise.

Devon Turnbull selected Kvadrat Acoustics as a project partner because he wanted Ojas Listening Room at USM Modular Furniture to offer outstanding acoustic and aesthetic quality. The work integrates shelving from USM, and the Kvadrat Acoustics panels deliver a comparable fit, finish, and high-design look.

Devon Turnbull: “I really try to create an environment that feels like a temple or a shrine. One of the biggest challenges was trying to figure out how to address the acoustic treatments in a way that would do justice to the partnership with USM. When I discovered the Kvadrat Acoustics solution, I knew immediately that this had to be the third partner in the project.

Often known by the creative pseudonym Ojas, Devon Turnbull creates brutalist custom audio systems for audiophiles and leading design brands, such as Supreme. He was also the co-founder of the menswear label Nom de Guerre.