Panum Institute

C.F. Møller

Copenhagen, Denmark
The Panum Institute is part of Copenhagen University and houses the Medical Science Faculty. The building was built 1971-1986 by architects Eva and Nils Koppel.

In 2017 C.F. Møller completed the extension of the Maersk Tower.

Soft Cells Elements panels by Kvadrat Acoustics were specified for the walls in the new auditorium. They were chosen due to different panels sizes, a quick mock-up, fast delivery as well as the 10 year product warranty.

After installation an external acoustician approved the quality of the sound absorption that the panels provided.

"There were high demands for the acoustic properties in the space, and Kvadrat Acoustics provided the ideal solution. The high quality of materials and the selection of colours supported this decision. The acoustic panel had to aesthetically work with the concrete on the walls whilst providing a discreet solution to hang next to the teaching screens. Soft Cells Elements panels fulfills all demands; the easy mounting gave us a quick and efficient solution"
Lene Marie Kappel
C.F. Møller