Any wall. Any ceiling. Any shape. Timeless Soft Cells panels elevate the acoustic, aesthetic and thermal quality of spaces. Whatever your design vision, wherever your project, there is a custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution offering you infinte creative flexibility.

Your solution can be either pre- or post-fit, seamlessly integrate technical service products, and comes in any freeform shape possible for any wall or ceiling and in any shape: circular, triangular, concave and convex.

Geometry and details

Integrated solutions

Weave Radiant Textile

Incorporate water pipes that heat or cool a radiant surface behind
a specially engineered textile layer

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Radically simplifies M&E complexity, and enhances aesthetic quality of ceilings

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Luminous Textile

Incorporate multicolured LEDs behind tensioned textile layer and soften sound

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Incorporates LEDs that spread light evenly through textile layer and optimises acoustics

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Specify your custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution