Specifying your Kvadrat Acoustics solution

Timeless Kvadrat Acoustics solutions elevate the acoustic, aesthetic and thermal quality of spaces. Our solutions are used to promote productivity and well-being in iconic buildings across the world. Whatever your design vision, wherever your project, there is a custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution.

Specifying your Kvadrat Acoustics solution usually involves four overall processes that include defining the acoustic need, selecting textile, specifying aesthetic options and installation. Our team will help you tailor your project through personalised support from initial consultation to  installation.

1. Acoustic need

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2. Specifying geometry

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3. Textile selection

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4. Installation

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Today's modern architecture is often characterised by materials, such as glass, concrete and steel, that can lead to distracting and uncomfortable noise. The acoustic solutions of Kvadrat Acoustics allow you to overcome this challenge while enhancing aesthetic quality, productivity and well-being.

Our solution offer a wide variety of possibilities that can accommodate your acoustic needs.

Soft Cells acoustic panels by Kvadrat Acoustics

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics bring acoustic comfort into a space, providing a solution to the acoustic challenges of modern architecture. 

Our Soft Cells panels cover acoustic absorption and reflection ranging from Class A to Class E per ISO 11654.

Our acoustic solutions are objects to extensive testing. This includes test results of acoustics, fire safety, CE marking, transparency and general textile information. 

Any wall. Any ceiling. Any shape. Timeless Soft Cells panels elevate the acoustic, aesthetic and thermal quality of spaces. Whatever your design vision, wherever your project, there is a custom Soft Cells solution.

Available in any freeform shape and over 200 textile colours, Soft Cells solutions offer infinite creative flexibility and exceptional longevity. Backed by market-leading 10 year warranty and expert end-to-end service, our solutions stay pristine for years.

Kvadrat Acoustics are dedicated to pushing aesthetic boundaries of acoustics solutions and our solutions are used in numerous visionary architectural developments all over the world including.

Learn more about the many aesthetic possibilities with Kvadrat Acoustics in our solutions film

Kvadrat Acoustics integrated solutions

Customizing your solution involves both specifying geometry and integrating mechanical and electrical systems. Kvadrat Acoustics integrate with a suite of complimentary products by partners Price and Signify. These allow you to consider thermal comfort and lights into your project.

Weave Radiant Textile

Incorporate water pipes that heat or cool a radiant surface behind
a specially engineered textile layer


Radically simplifies M&E complexity, and enhances aesthetic
quality of ceilings

Luminous Textile

Incorporate multicolured LEDs behind tensioned textile layer and
soften sound


Incorporates LEDs that spread light evenly through textile layer
and optimises acoustics

Textile and architecture

Kvadrat Acoustics is the leading supplier of textile related high performance acoustic solutions for the interior architectural space, and brings acoustic comfort, aesthetic excellence and tactile surfaces into today’s modern architecture.

Textiles provide colour and tactile quality to a space. With textiles and colour, you can segment or unite different areas and optimise light conditions, while expressing brand identities and realise design visions.

Aesthetics surroundings increase well-being and create a more comfortable, productive environment.Well designed workspace increase employee satisfaction and retention and are and important part of employer branding and attracting and retaining talent.

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions – which include a rich choice of Kvadrat textiles with over 200 textile colours that are pretested for acoustic performance and the possibility of custom Kvadrat textiles – provide total creative freedom.

Watch our collaboration on customizing textile for an acoustic solution for Under, an under-sea restaurant in Norway

Kvadrat Acoustics is part of Kvadrat. A leader in design innovation, Kvadrat produces high-performing, design textiles, rugs, acoustics and window covering solutions for both commercial and residential interiors.

Being a part of Kvadrat, Kvadrat Acoustics creates fully customisable, high-performance acoustic solutions characterised by aesthetic excellence and exceptional versatility. 

Whatever your design vision, there is a custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution. 

When considering installation for your project, whether it is on walls, in ceilings, whether it requires on-site installation and/or pre-fabricated installation, our team is ready to support you.

Steel wire suspension

For suspended ceilings


Magnet mounting

For walls and ceilings


Pre-fabricated installation

Pre-fabricated acoustic panels for
ceilings and walls

On-site installation

On-site fabricated acoustic wall system