Conscious design

Kvadrat Acoustic solutions support the transition towards sustainable, decarbonised building design, which meets the targets for the Paris Agreement. They follow Conscious Design Principles to maximise their circular potential. Specifically, they are conceived and crafted to offer outstanding resource efficiency, recyclability, transparency, and longevity.


Impact documentation

To foster impact, Kvadrat Acoustics solutions leverage quality data and offer exceptional transparency. They contribute to major environmental building certification schemes - notably, DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, WELL and HQE. Furthermore, they also come with third-party EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) and low-emission certificates, such as Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort.


The potential circularity of a solution begins at the design stage. Therefore, in everything we do, we follow Conscious Design Principles to accelerate positive change, support responsible business practice, and drive progress towards a net-zero economy.

We are committed to creating solutions that elevate quality of spaces and drive the transition towards lower-emission buildings – which is essential for meeting the decarbonisation goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Furthermore, we aim to bring transparency to everything we do with comprehensive impact documentation. Finally, we collaborate closely with our suppliers to create innovative solutions that support the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.