Any wall. Any ceiling. Any geometry. Whatever your design vision, wherever your project, custom Kvadrat Acoustics solutions offer you infinite creative flexibility and seamless integration with building services.

You can choose between pre-and post-fit. And you can specify Soft Cells acoustic panels in any freeform shape. Circular, triangular, concave, and convex constructions are all possible.

Potential shapes and details

Concave shapes

Triangle shapes

Curved edges

Upholstered cut outs

Integration of plugs

Integration of sprinklers

Anodized endcaps

Upholstered endcaps

L-shape for doorways

Integrated solutions

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions seamlessly integrate with a suite of complementary products developed in collaboration with partners Price and Signify. These include Weave Radiant Textile Panels, NODE, Luminous Textile Panels and OneSpace.

Weave Radiant Textile

Incorporate water pipes that heat or cool a radiant surface behind a specially engineered textile layer.

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Seamlessly integrates disparate M&E systems via standardisation, solving a typical aesthetic and practical challenge for architects.

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Luminous Textile

Incorporate multicolured LEDs behind tensioned textile layer and soften sound.

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Incorporates LEDs that spread light evenly through textile layer and optimises acoustics.

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Customised solutions

We are dedicated to pushing the aesthetic and technological boundaries of acoustic solutions. Whatever your design vision, wherever your project, there is a custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution, providing you total creative freedom for your project.

You get personalised support from initial vision to installation, combined with local insights, architecture and design expertise and the efficiencies of a global network.

Kvadrat Acoustics acoustic solutions set the benchmark for sustainability, flexibility and durability and are used in numerous visionary architectural developments all over the world.

Explore some of our most unique customized solutions projects below.


Explore the Possibilities for your Project