The line is the essence of creativity. When we look at culture, we see lines everywhere.

Storylines imagines thread as the line, yarn as the syntax and textile as the story. The collection brings a narrator’s eye to these concepts by exploring intervals between texture, pattern and colour.

Movement ebbs and flows through Storylines. Seen from inside a space, lines emerge from the curtains as sculptural drapes, cascading stripes, and vibrant pleats. When looking out, views are transformed into constellations of lines and diffuse colours.

Storylines comprises a selection of plains, pleats and patterns in a wide range of weights from diaphanous to dim out. The collection features a spectrum of yarns, ranging from voluminous and richly textured twists to ultra-fine metal.

The Storylines collection is crafted refined materials and compositions like pure linen or soft new wool as well as organic cotton or linen mixed with viscose and woven fibres to resemble the character of flax.

Storylines’ refined materials and compositions are crafted exclusively from natural or fabricated fibres. Some designs are woven with pure linen or soft new wool; others consist of organic cotton and comfortable viscose mixed with linen, and flame retardant man-made fibres woven to resemble the character of flax.

The atmospheric palette for Storylines takes cues from natural light and midnight skies. A complete scale of contrasting nuances, it spans neutrals with a contemporary twist, modern pastels, and saturated to muted tones, including almost black accents.

Together with the changing light, the collection unveils eye-catching rhythmic lines and prismatic colour dynamics throughout the day. Multidimensional materiality becomes the medium for storytelling, as surprising new narratives continuously emerge.