Unscripted by Sarah Illenberger

Intrigued by the free spirit of scribbles that people create while trying out pens, pencils and crayons, the artist Sarah Illenberger has collected test papers from art supply shops for a long time.

Sarah Illenberger has curated and recomposed these spontaneous inscriptions into a colourful artist edition of printed textile panels. Entitled Script_One, Script_Two and Script_Three, these tactile transformations, which complement the playful plain curtain Blow, invite us to look again at what we would otherwise glance over. Each panel of this artist edition is signed and numbered by hand.

For dealers the collection is available for ordering through Kvadratshop.

Sarah Illenberger: “The feeling of ‘no-one-is-watching-you’ inspired me to play with the medium of colour and individual expression in a non purposeful way. These materialised hand drawn statements by unknown authors carry a comforting proof of natural, intuitive behaviour in digital times.”

Artist, illustrator and designer Sarah Illenberger studied Graphic Design at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design before setting up her own studio in Berlin. With her tongue-in-cheek approach to design, she instils a sense of surprise and challenges the viewers to alter their view of daily life. Sarah Illenberger’s highly acclaimed objet trouvé style can be found across the world in the form of installations, photographs, digital media and in leading magazines and art books.