Metallised textiles for roller blinds

Ever increasing legislation and regulation within the building environment frequently results in compromises in design. Our metallised textiles can offer solutions without the need for compromises. We can provide the most energy efficient roller blind textiles, with glare control and UV protection regardless of colour. Our metallised textiles combine energy savings with occupant comfort, and improve well-being for all.

Metallised textiles reduce the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer, and therefore diminish energy consumption – which can be significant when a building incorporates large windows. As we all know, the less energy used, the lower the carbon emissions; contributing to a sustainable future.

PVC-free materials

All Kvadrat High Performance Textiles are without PVC, to avoid the release of possible harmful substances in the environment.


All our textiles are certified, including third party verified EPDs, HPDs, and Greenguard Gold certifications, to support you in achieving credit points for BREEM, LEED, DGNB and WELL standards. All our textiles are in compliance with REACH chemical legislation and follow ISO standards 14001.


All our textiles are created to last, hence we back them with a five-year warranty. Kvadrat High Performance Textiles are designed for indoor solar shading, and intended for this purpose only. Metallised textiles are easy to maintain.

The benefits

Large windows, a typical feature of contemporary architecture, can reduce thermal and visual comfort. With the Kvadrat metallised textiles, you can fight light and beat the heat, creating the optimal indoor climate and increasing well-being and productivity in every space you design.

Contemporary architects and designers seek to create buildings to maximise longevity, quality-of-life and productivity while minimising impact on the environment. To achieve this, they aim to optimise energy efficiency, and introduce environmentally sound materials. Kvadrat High Performance Textiles supports both objectives.

Get the right advice and realise your vision

The shading and insulating effect of internal blinds can be included in the energy performance calculations of a building. Kvadrat is specialised in the design and production of technically superior metallised textiles for indoor sun protection, and we can play an important role during the design phase. We are able to create bespoke reports of the impact our metallised textiles will have, combined with specific glazing, within the building model. We do this at the Kvadrat Expert Centre in Eibergen, where we aim to create ever more sustainable advantage and superior value.