Increase well-being with Kvadrat High Performance Textiles

Our Kvadrat High Performance Textiles offer a blend of functional and design excellence, which conventional roller blind textiles cannot match. Metallised textiles create visual comfort by providing control over glare, whilst maintaining good visual contact with the outside. Furthermore, they are able to increase productivity by delivering visual and thermal comfort. Some of our metallised textiles can also be specified to elevate acoustic quality.

The benefits

Kvadrat's collection of metallised High Performance Textiles offers unrivalled visual and thermal comfort inside the building. Enjoy the benefits of daytime privacy without compromising the view outside. Our metallised textiles eliminate glare issues in buildings whilst also supporting a comfortable indoor climate with a reduced need for heating and cooling. The highly reflective metallised backing provides effective insulation to windows, significantly reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Regardless the chosen colour, our metallised textiles create thermal comfort and visual comfort in the same product, ensuring the best insulation for your building through all seasons of the year. 

Environmental benefits

  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • 100% PVC-free products
  • 100% recyclable products

Social benefits

  • Thermal comfort
  • Visual comfort
  • Supports privacy

Economical benefits

  • Energy savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower TCO

Design benefits

  • No effect on colour rendering
  • Colour independent
  • Uniformity in facades

How does it work?

Our metallised textiles are finished with an ultra fine layer of non-transparent aluminium. This enables a metallised textile to reflect up to 74% of solar radiation and prevent diffuse light transmission. Therefore, they are highly effective at preventing heat and glare issues yet still provide access to views.

Metallised textiles create visual and thermal comfort. It reduces the need for heating and cooling. Our metallised textiles are independently verified as an equivalent alternative to outdoor solar shading: in the summer metallised textiles reflect sunlight, reducing the heating up of a space. In the winter, the aluminium layer acts as an insulator to reduce heat loss and keep heat inside.

Interior benefits

Colour rendering: With metallised textiles, all the coloured light through the yarns is blocked. As a result, only pure, neutral daylight enters the room, even with blue, red or green textiles.

Textures: The variety of textures we offer, from very clean industrial to linen-like, enables architects and designers to enhance the natural quality of spaces

Colour ranges: Our high performing textiles come in a wide variety of colours. As metallised textiles are highly efficient regardless of the chosen colour, there is no impact on visual and thermal comfort.


Exterior benefits

No exterior shading needed: Our metallised textile range supports efficient facades where a minimised heat gain (G-value) and minimised heat loss (U-value) create comfort and energy savings. Our metallised textiles can even be as effective as external solar shading solutions. What’s more, moving the shading inside a building provides creative freedom for designing the building envelope.

Uniform outside expression: Regardless of their interior look, the outside colour of our metallised textiles is always a soft grey due to the aluminium layer. Even though this layer is reflective, it does
not act like a mirror: thanks to the round yarns, the reflection is diffused.

Automation for symmetry: With the automation options we provide, all blinds can be perfectly aligned and aesthetically pleasing. This avoids to the washing-line look where different blinds are randomly open, closed or somewhere in-between and detract from the external aesthetic
of a building.

Get the right advice and realise your vision

The shading and insulating effect of internal blinds can be included in the energy performance calculations of a building. Kvadrat is specialised in the design and production of technically superior metallised textiles for indoor sun protection, and we can play an important role during the design phase. We are able to create bespoke reports of the impact our metallised textiles will have, combined with specific glazing, within the building model. We do this at the Kvadrat Expert Centre in Eibergen, where we aim to create ever more sustainable advantage and superior value.