Textile Tabletop™

Textile Tabletop™ is a durable circular material designed for all horizontal applications. It is crafted from end-of-life cotton and wool and is 100% recyclable.

Durable and aesthetic, Textile Tabletop™ meets the highest standards for resisting scratches, heat and liquids: furniture surface: category 5.

Textile Tabletop™ comes pre-coated in sizes ideal for horizontal surfaces in offices and private homes. In addition, it offers a choice of subtle, timeless colours and oak veneer or ABS edges.

All our products come with a standard warranty of 5 years.

Cotton Cream

Cotton Blue

Colour variation scheme

Colour variation scheme

Cotton Charcoal

Cotton Grey

Colour variation scheme

Colour variation scheme

Cotton White

Colour variation scheme

Colour and edges

The input materials, and therefore the elegant colours for Textile Tabletop™, consider current resource streams. 

Textile Tabletop™ is currently available in our Cotton Grey, Cotton Cream, Cotton Blue, Cotton White, and Cotton Charcoal hues. These colours are meticulously designed for effortless coordination with contemporary interiors.

The oak veneer or ABS edges can be applied pre-delivery or with the material.

Every colour we offer is a blend of existing textile waste. Therefore, colour variations from batch to batch will occur, due to our no dyestuff scheme. The random laying of fibres guarantees uniqueness in all products, allowing customers and users to reflect on our zero-waste and low-impact agenda.

Plug and play circular design

Textile Tabletop™ is directly applicable without additional surface and edge treatment. It can be fitted to new and existing table frames.

To simplify specification even further, Textile Tabletop™ comes in finished or semi-finished sizes that fit the industry norm for workspace tabletops.

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