Made by Mad

Mad HQ, Oslo

Spring 2021

Textile Felt and Textile Board are integrated into the wall modules

TewoFlex is a modular partition wall system funded on circular design principles. The system is developed by Made, a Stavanger-based design studio within the Norwegian architect group, Mad. The partition wall system can be seen at Mad’s new headquarter in Oslo.

The flexible and reusable modular walls are designed to be disassembled and reassembled, repeatedly, aiming to reduce the waste amount as the modules are made as isolated massive timber sticks. To ensure an aesthetic effect, optimal acoustic, and a characteristic design, Really's Textile Felt and Textile Board were integrated to the systems wall module. 

“To have Kvadrat/Really as a distributor for the absorbents, elevated the quality on our TewoFlex-modules; on an aesthetic & technical level, and most importantly on an environmental level.”

Eivor Vik, Head of design at Made 

Photography by Kyrre Sundal and Mike Hillingseter