Enjoy visual comfort with metallised textiles

Metallised textiles create visual comfort by providing control over glare, whilst maintaining good visual contact with the outside. Our metallised textiles are finished with an ultra-fine layer of nontransparent aluminium. This enables our metallised textile to reflect up to 74% of solar radiation and prevent diffuse light transmission.

Keep enjoying the view

A metallised textile with an openness factor of only 2-4%, in combination with a light transmission of up to 7% eliminates glare and ensures a good view to the outside. Our metallised textiles block blinding sunlight, whilst occupants can still enjoy the view and plenty of natural daylight.

Enjoy daytime privacy

Another distinctive advantage of our metallised blinds is that you enjoy your privacy during the day. This is due to the reflective aluminium layer: this blocks the view from outside to inside, while preserving your view.

Compare transparencies with our view-through tool

Our Kvadrat Shade collection offers a variety of roller blind textiles. Specific areas in your building may demand different privacy requirements. Our range of textiles enables you to choose a suitable solution for every space. The view through of our metallised textiles is colour independent, without compromising on performance or functionality.