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Any space. Any window. Any need. Whatever the nature of your project, you can elevate well-being through visual and thermal comfort – and at the same time reduce your building’s CO2 footprint – with an aesthetically outstanding Bouroullec-designed Kvadrat Shade roller blind solution. Simply choose textile, cassette and operation.

Before you start, discover how much you could reduce CO2 emissions and explore the variations in view-through.

Step 1: Textile

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Step 2: Hardware system

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Step 3: Operating option

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Explore the Kvadrat Shade textiles

Kvadrat Shade textiles reflect a commitment to functional performance, aesthetic excellence and sustainable design through our non-PVC offering. Produced by Kvadrat and created in collaboration with a roster of celebrated designers, such as Alfredo Häberli, Louise Sigvardt and Bouroullec Studio.

They offer:

  • Wide vast of colour-texture combinations
  • Metallised high-performance design textiles and design textiles
  • A complete scale of textures, transparencies and openness factors
  • PVC-free, flame-retardant materials
  • Exceptional longevity

Metallised design textiles - high performance

  • Metallised with an aluminium nanolayer
  • Reflect up to 74% solar radiation to the outside
  • Keep heat out in summer, retain heat in winter
  • Equivalent performance to outdoor solar shading (can often eliminate the need for it), better ROI

Design textiles

  • Bring tactility and design in your space
  • Wide choice on colour, texture and transparency, to meet most interior demands
  • No aluminium nano-layer
  • Enhance building’s energy-efficiency

Select your preferred Hardware System

Whatever your vision for your space there is a Bouroullec-designed Kvadrat hardware system to match. So, whether you want a virtually invisible solution or a bold design statement, the Kvadrat Shade solution makes it possible.

The Hardware Systems offer:

  • Precision engineering, premium materials
  • Choice of elegant finishes
  • Customisation possibilities
  • Simple installation - see how
  • Conscious quality built to last
  • Responsible material choices resulting in a minimized environmental impact

Choose your Operating option

You get a full choice of manual and automatic control options with the Kvadrat Shade solution. Like all the other components, the control systems are Bouroullec-designed, made from premium-quality materials and built-to-last.

Choose between:

  • Chain-operated with optional design-child safety device
  • Twin Pull for a patented, child-safe by design solution
  • A wide array of motorized options, fully integratable with all kinds of building automation solutions

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