Dim out curtains

Dim out curtains are window coverings designed to reduce the amount of light that enters a room. Dim out textiles are densely woven and interwoven with additional black yarn both in the warp and weft, they block out a significant portion of natural light without any additional coating. Dim out curtains are an excellent choice for bedrooms, home theatres, or any other space where light control and privacy are essential.




Relax is a flame-retardant dim-out fabric with a refined texture, colour and blended yarn. Its materiality and composition ensure an easy-to-maintain curtain that can withstand frequent cleaning. 

Relax is available in 16 colours.

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Highlight is a clean, fresh dim out characterised by intricate structural and tonal depth. Highlight has a cotton-like, natural expression and it is made from flame-retardant polyester., which makes it easy to upkeep and wash. It is an excellent choice for environments where fire regulations are strict. 

Highlight comes in 16 colourways. 


Dense curtains

Densely woven fabrics block out sunlight effectively and add a sense of comfort and elegance to the space. Dense curtains are an excellent choice for creating privacy and controlling light in a room.



Site is a flame retardant, multifunctional plain curtain textile with a natural linen-like expression and a special twist. The lightly lustrous yarn used for the curtain, which is employed both in the warp and weft, significantly varies in thickness. This gives the curtain a notably soft hand and a distinctively fluid drape while ensuring it is simple to clean and, hence to maintain.

Site is available in 13 colours.



Twinx is a two-coloured yet natural-looking double weave. The flame retardant curtain’s two layers feature a water-like moiré. Both sides of the design can be used as the front, which opens up the possibility of creating a subtle juxtaposition of structure and colours.

Coming in 13 colourways, Twinx is extremely easy to maintain as it is washable. 



Constructed from twisted and regular spun yarns, flame-retardant Unix has a linen-like character along with a pronounced dry, grainy feel. Easy to clean and to upkeep, Unix has a distinctive melange effect that comes from a fusion of slightly contrasting yarns and a special dyeing process.

Unix is available in 14 colours.


Semi-transparent curtains

Semi-transparent curtains offer a delicate balance between privacy and natural light.
These sheer fabrics gently filter sunlight and create a soft and inviting ambience in any room.



Watercolour is an uncomplicated translucent plain curtain textile that transforms the view outside the window into a diffusion of watery colours. The curtain has a natural, flax-like character. Made from flame-retardant polyester,  allowing for effortless cleaning and upkeep, Watercolour is an excellent choice for environments where fire regulations are strict.

Watercolour is available in 9 colourways.



Transparent Linex has a dry, crepe-like texture made out of flame-retardant yarns, making it suitable for environments with strict regulations. Additionally, Linex´s composition ensures the curtain is washable and easy to maintain.
Linex is available in 10 colours.

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