emancipath | ZEITGUISED

Physical and digital space poetically intersect in emancipath. The film consists of a set of CGI vignettes depicting moving sculptures. It plays with the possibility of metamorphous shapes as a physical reality. Normally passive textiles and upholstery are shown here exhibiting lifelike behaviour as if they possessed a sovereign spirit.

Seamlessly smooth transformations of organic and geometric forms are constantly moving in and out of abstract compositions, determining how each textile flaunts its own character.

At the beginning of the looping sequence of shots, the selection of Kvadrat Canvas textiles designed by Giulio Ridolfo seemingly oozes independently across solid flat geometries as if it were growing endlessly from within itself. Over the course of subsequent shots the forms start to bulge and become autonomous expanding volumes, first in their formal language and later as floating shapes themselves.

The forms are peaceful and patient in pace and behaviour. Their arresting physical impossibility is softly tickled by the realism and detail of their tangible textile texture seen under the vivid lighting.