Simply Better Living | Stabil

To break rules, to play around with the normative and defined, always makes things more fascinating in the way we define our world. One could say that there is a kind of revolutionary potential in the world of objects. Every object that surrounds us offers – via its tactile and fixed parameters – the possibility of imagining it in other dimensions, other materialities. Precisely the one form that is the shape of the object at the end of the process gives us, as designers, the possibility to think of it otherwise, to think in worlds that are not ours. Instead of adapting an adaptation we simply take what we encounter daily and work with that. With these transformations, new refreshing possibilities of use emerge and the known world is widened. They offer a pleasurable alternative to the redundant everyday life of the world of objects.

Textile in general is a material that surrounds us all the time. The parameters of how this material is used are quite fixed. With our project, Einfach schöner Wohnen (Simply Better Living), we want to question those parameters and think of more or less classic textile products in a different way, and with that create new possibilities of use and a different way to look at those things.