New Alfredo Häberli Collection

Crafted by internationally renowned designer Alfredo Häberli, Kvadrat will introduce new novelties of two upholstery textiles: Nitto and Parkland  

These add a new dimension to the highly acclaimed lexicon of designs he has created for the company, during celebrated collaborations that span over many years.

Suitable for public and private spaces, the textiles express the signature traits that characterise Alfredo Häberli’s visionary approach to textile design. 
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Fiord 2 by Louise Sigvardt

The subtle three-dimensional upholstery textile Fiord 2 comes in new colours by Louise Sigvardt, which form a connection between traditional Scandinavian notes and colourful Mexican hues.

Louise Sigvardt has refreshed the flexible palette for Fiord 2 with 12 new saturated notes with warm, vibrant nuances.

Fiord 2 is durable and flame-retardant. Consequently, it is wellsuited to both public and private places.

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Maya by Doshi Levien

Maya is a rhythmic, airy curtain textile designed by Doshi Levien, offering an open structure and a light, matte expression. Despite its delicate look, it is extremely robust.

Constructed with a leno weave, Maya creates a beautiful play of light and shadow, as conditions change throughout the day. The design is inspired by Indian saris, which combine different transparencies to consistently reveal subtle nuances.

Maya, meaning ‘illusion’ in Hindi, features an open grid balanced with narrow densely woven bands. This design creates the illusion of a striped pattern, which runs from floor to ceiling.

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Jaali by Doshi Levien

Jaali is an architectural upholstery textile by Doshi Levien – which fuses pattern, texture and graphic movement to eye-catching effect. It comes in 20 unexpected colourways carefully selected from 2700 woven samples.

Viewed from close-up, it reveals a fine net-like grid of hexagonal shapes. However, when seen from a distance, this pattern takes on the expression of a textured structure.

Named after the Hindi word for net or grid, Jaali is constructed with two unicoloured yarns. The contrast between the lighter, tone-on-tone yarns used for the pattern and the smooth, flat surface creates a three-dimensional play of light and shadow. Curiously, this infuses the textile with both lightness and depth.

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Sahco 2020 Collection: Echoes

The echoes of days gone by were central to the inspiration for the 2020 Sahco collection.

As they travelled around the globe, Design Director Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen and Art Director Vincent Van Duysen allowed elements of the past to combine with a vision of the future creating textiles that convey the rich patina of history viewed through the lens of the modern world in which we live.

The collection plays with the contrasts between heavy and light weaves, rich textures and sheer transparency. Soft and tactile textures, crisp and papery surfaces with bold designs create an exciting blend of different materials with distressed finishes and dissolved patterns.

Colours are centred around a natural harmonious base, shades of brown and beige, tobacco and bone white.

Highlighted with aqua blues, mint greens and caramel to create a palette of soft and blurred hues that perfectly captures the mix of classic and contemporary for which Sahco is famed.
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Planum by Kvadrat Febrik

Planum is a knitted upholstery by Kvadrat Febrik with a refined woven expression and a smooth, soft surface.

To develop the vibrant palette for the textile, Dutch Design studio Raw Color initially used three dimensional objects, then switched to hand-painted swatches.

Naturally for a knitted textile, Planum features excellent stretchability, making it ideal for upholstering organic forms while minimising the number of seams.

Suitable for contract and private use, the textile combines well with the more voluminous, three-dimensional textiles in the Kvadrat Febrik collection.

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New Kvadrat Rugs by Hella Jongerius

A selection of new and updated rugs by Hella Jongerius for Kvadrat Rugs is also set to stimulate senses.

Haven is a contemporary hand-knitted rug made from pure New Zealand Wool with a distinctively warm personality.

Duotone, which features an archetypal flat-weave construction, will be showcased in new tones.

Tactile, rich Bold, Bold Block and Bold Melange, woven by Indian artisans, will be shown in new colourways, comprising mellow notes, such as turmeric and brick red.

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